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  • Pool Floats: Why Are Foam Floats So Expensive

    Many pool owners have always dreamed of the day they will use foam floats in their pools. This is because of the excitement you get when relaxing in your pool. Using a foam float is a very vital aspect for swimming pools lovers. However, this excitement has always been cut short when we are faced…

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  • Deflategate: Why Inflatable Pools Lose Air and What to Do

    Every house owner is looking for ways of transforming their backyards into a beautiful relaxation arena. If you are in such a category, there is a plethora of finishing ideas (flower beds, playgrounds) that you can explore. But have you ever thought of inflatable pools? Inflatable pools are a quick and easy method to transform…

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  • Concrete Pool Resurfacing: Overall Costs You Will Pay

    Swimming pools are as refreshing and pleasurable as they are often difficult to maintain. Owning a property with a pool entails maintenance and repairs, but unforeseen harm implies unforeseen expenses. Pool surfaces are prone to damage, leaving builders wondering how much money they’ll have to spend during this time. If you’re worried about the overall…

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  • Pool Deck Resurfacing: Cost, Options, and Ideas

    Home pool owners and commercial property owners love concrete coatings for various reasons: durability, ease of maintenance, customizability with colors, textures, and a variety of patterns of your choice. But with time, these qualities depreciate ( concrete will crack, color may fade away, and new and better patterns will be developed), and you may want…

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  • Above Ground Pools: Landscaping and Beautification

    As you gaze at your above ground pool, have you ever wondered what could truly enhance its surroundings? Well, there are various options available that can transform the area into a relaxing oasis. From landscaping ideas that blend seamlessly with nature to decking options that create a stylish poolside retreat, the possibilities are endless. But…

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  • How to Winterize a Pool: Proper Prep for Cold Weather

    How to Winterize a Pool: Proper Prep for Cold Weather

    Who doesn’t want the prestige of your very own pool in your very own backyard? But, as they say…with a great pool comes great responsibility. Sadly, pool maintenance is not just for warm weather months because winterizing a pool takes as much planning as swimming in it. Learning how to winterize a pool the right…

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