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  • Portable Pools: What Are They and Why Choose One?

    The sunny summer days are coming again, and you are thinking of how to beat the heat that accompanies this season? Swimming pools provide an excellent way to overcome the heat. But most importantly we have portable swimming which is very popular today because they are very affordable and cost-effective.  You may be wondering if […]

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  • Freezing Temps: Should You Run Your Pool Heater in Winter?

    Temperature, especially in the Winter, can be extremely unpredictable. If you already possess a pool in a hotter climate, unforeseen freezing conditions and harsh winter weather could be significantly detrimental to the pool, particularly if you are unprepared. So you just had a pool built a little over a year ago. Winter is on its […]

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  • Fiberglass vs Concrete Pools: A Side-by-Side Comparison

    Choosing between a fiberglass or concrete pool is one of those challenges many of us are facing whenever we want to build our new pool. The truth is that both options are great, however, there are plenty of differences to take into consideration. Their look and feel are different, and each option has its own […]

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  • Pool Floats: How Leaving in Pools Causes Vinyl Breakdown

    It is not a debate if pool floats provide a lot of fun on a hot summer day. Though somehow expensive, these pieces of equipment are very durable and can last for a long period if properly taken care of. Nevertheless, it would take little or no time to be rendered useless if they are […]

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  • Pool Floats: Why Are Foam Floats So Expensive

    Many pool owners have always dreamed of the day they will use foam floats in their pools. This is because of the excitement you get when relaxing in your pool. Using a foam float is a very vital aspect for swimming pools lovers. However, this excitement has always been cut short when we are faced […]

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  • Deflategate: Why Inflatable Pools Lose Air and What to Do

    Every house owner is looking for ways of transforming their backyards into a beautiful relaxation arena. If you are in such a category, there is a plethora of finishing ideas (flower beds, playgrounds) that you can explore. But have you ever thought of inflatable pools? Inflatable pools are a quick and easy method to transform […]

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