Pool Floats: Why Are Foam Floats So Expensive

Many pool owners have always dreamed of the day they will use foam floats in their pools. This is because of the excitement you get when relaxing in your pool. Using a foam float is a very vital aspect for swimming pools lovers.

However, this excitement has always been cut short when we are faced with the realities of how expensive they can be. The question that might be running through our minds while we walk home empty-handed is, “why are foam floats so expensive?”

We have done some research about this issue, and in this article, we will be presenting you with the results of why you were priced so high for this piece of pool equipment. Read on to know more.

Everyone has the dream to buy a foam float at a reasonable, but unfortunately, there is no good pool foam float at a “reasonable price.”

The equipment is so expensive because they are made with extremely durable and buoyant material. Comfort is another aspect that contributes to the so expensive nature of foam floats.

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Other reasons why foam pool floats are so expensive.


The design of a foam float, just like any other piece of equipment, can be a factor that leads to its high price. Closed-cell foam floats are very expensive than their inflatable counterparts.

The material is very durable and buoyant. They are thicker than the inflatable types, and the thicker the mat, the more weight it can support. 

The weight factor will cause many people to go in for it. And as it goes in economic terms, the higher the demand, the higher the price.

For example, some designs, such as the doughnut shape, will cost up to $21, while the pizza slice shape, the ice cream, and the sandwich-shaped one would cost up to $39.99.


The size of a foam float also greatly affects the price. In general, the larger the size of foam floats, the higher the price.

Some brands like big mouth sometimes ago increased the price of a 10-foot foam from $199 to $299.


A hike in foam prices can also be caused by some celebrities directly or indirectly endorsing them.

Because of the fame that goes along with owning a product endorsed by a celebrity, there will be a mad rush by almost everyone to own it. For example, when 


What type of foam are pool floats made from? The material from which a pool float is made cannot have any less influence on its price. The most common material that has proven worthy is polythene foam.

Polythene foam is chosen because they are considered the best material for hygiene. They are resistant to (not affected by) the chemicals used to clean them, resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria.

They are also protected from general wear and tear.

Which pool floats are the most durable?

Pool floats have been classified on Amazon by some agencies such as Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers, and a list from best downwards established as seen below.

The classification is done based on the factors discussed above. However, this classification is subject to challenge.

If you are still wondering the most comfortable pool float to buy, we will help you decide on the classification in the table below.

  Pool type  Characteristic.
Frontgate Lana Floating SeatBest Pool Chair Float
TRC Recreation SunsationBest Foam Pool Float
Intex Recreation Color Whirl TubeBest Tube Pool Float
Intex River Run Connect LoungeMost Durable Pool Float

You can choose from the table as presented, but the best pool float will be the Frontgate Resort pool float. It is two-inch thick and crafted from the highest quality marine-grade closed cell foam for superior buoyancy and durability.

Also, it can support a weight of 350 pounds, and it won’t sink even if punctured.

Nevertheless, that is not all the information you need to choose a pool float.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the price of its buoyancy. For the best choice of foam pool float, consider the thickness and size of the float. The thicker the float, the more buoyant it will be. 

In addition to thickness and size, you should also consider the following.

  • The ease with which to inflate and deflate.
  • Ease of transport. This is especially for those who love taking a vacation.
  • If it is available in many sizes and shapes.
  • Light in Weight. Easy to carry.
  • Affordable, depending on your budget.
  • Easy to clean without wearing out easily.

Can I make my pool float last longer?

As expensive as foam pool floats are, you probably might have been asking yourself, can I make mine last longer?

The good news is, you can make your pool float to last longer so that you don’t have to keep buying every regularly. Each time you use your float, carefully deflate it. After it is deflated, fold it up gently so that you can easily stack and store them in a container.

If you choose to store your pool floats in containers, airtight containers will be your best option.


Foam floats provide a very exciting experience to their users. If you must want to have this experience, there is a big part of your budget you will touch to be able to afford one.

There are several reasons why foam floats are so expensive. Therefore, before you set out to buy one, figure out which material you want, the design, comfort and see if your budget is sufficient to take you to the shop.

Also, you have to check out with the online shop if the foam floats are available before you can drive out to buy one. Because despite their high cost, some very expensive foam floats are usually not always on the market all the time.

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