Why Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner? 7 Core Benefits to Robots

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When you get your first pool you may wonder what the reason is for purchasing a pool robot and how it helps a pool owner out. Well there are multiple needs which are filled as to cleaning and de-gunking along with a host of other benefits that a pool cleaning robot accomplishes.

Why buy a robotic pool cleaner? The purpose of the robotic pool cleaner is to maintain your pool consistently on your behalf. The help to continue circulating the pool water along with aerating at the same time. They also clean the large debris out which saves you from having pool filter issues from large debris buildup.

As a pool owners I can vouch for the amount of time I am saved each week from working on my pool by having a robot to clean it daily. This leaves me able to just enjoy the pool without the time servicing the pool.

Additionally, as you are probably aware every product comes with its benefits and drawbacks, similarly robotic pool cleaner also hold pros and cons, which I am going to mention below.

Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

There is a wide range of benefits to having a pool cleaner robot in your pool which are outside of the time savings to yourself personally. The top nine below are my keys to why you should purchase a cleaner robot if you don’t have one currently.

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Environmentally Friendly

Unlike many other robotic machines a robot pool cleaner doesn’t have an engine nor produce emissions that could contaminate the environment. Since it runs underwater and just pushes and pulls the existing water in from the pool it isn’t adding chemicals in.

Energy Efficient

Most pool cleaners I have researched are very efficient and low in power consumption for their overall use. Robotic cleaners are very efficient as they consume energy but only as much as a regular light bulb at around 60-70 watts / hour.

Money Saver

As you can see by the large power savings and being energy efficient overall helps to cut some first level costs but in addition there is savings to your time and effort.

If you were to have someone you pay to come clean the pool manually your costs would move up into the $50-100 monthly range at least, this would cover the cost of a pool robot in just a couple months time.

Require Less Pool Chemicals

When you have something like a pool robot maintaining the cleanliness of your pool means there is less algae and other growths. This then means less need for harsh chemicals like chlorine over time which also can save on your wallet.

This is one of the bigger reasons to invest in robotic pool cleaners as this lessening of chemicals is very helpful to the swimmers also so you don’t get stinging eyes and other chlorine style side effects.

Water Saver

When you have something that can pre-filter bigger items out of the water you save your pool filters from becoming clogged. After they are clogged then you would normally need to backflush your system to push out the dirt on the filter.

The savings in the water is that backflushing can require large volumes of water which you don’t want pushed into your system so it needs to be ejected from the pool meaning you need to then add water to offset this loss.

Low Maintenance

This may be my personal favorite from this entire list, having a robot frees up my own personal time that I don’t need to use cleaning the pool manually and instead it is on automatic pilot.

All you need to do is to empty the onboard filter on occasion and the cartridges on the robot, this is maybe a 5-10 minute job that you need to do infrequently.

Plug-and-Play Setup

Nowadays the robots don’t need to be pre-told the pool dimensions and information. You really can get the robot in the mail and take it, plug it in, drop it in the water and it will do it all by itself.

Drawbacks of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Just because there is advantages to having a robotic pool cleaner there are some drawbacks or issues that come with having them. None of them are a game breaker to me but I feel you should be aware of the negative aspects also ahead of time.

Electric Power Cords Can Limit Travel

As they use power the cords can be a limiting factor to travel paths and overall distance, along with the issues of getting bound up in itself with twists and turns.

Internal Pump and Filter Require Cleaning

Since they have internal filters and cartridges they do need some more attention to ensure they don’t get filled and gummed up as they will not be helpful when they are not filtering correctly.

Not Able to Gather Large Floating Debris

Since the robot follows the pool walls and bottom any debris that floats or stays off the bottom in general won’t be cleaned by a robot and will require you or the skimmer to manage containment and removal.

Is a Robotic Pool Cleaner Worth It?

A pool cleaner is an amazing piece of pool equipment that is more than worth the cost. Depending on your pool and budget there is a model which can fit your needs.

The ability to ensure the water stays cleaner and filtered of debris is just the starter for your money. They are able to keep your cost of ownership and maintenance much lower by saving stress on more expensive parts saving you time and money.

Final Thoughts on Why Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner

I can say as a pool owner I will never remove it and perform the work it does manually. The robot is indispensable to helping me maintain a clean pool all day and removing it would only mean having a poorer quality pool when I want to use it.

When my pool robot invariably fails, I assume it is about 8 years old currently from previous owner, I am looking at purchasing a Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus as I have seen it in use first hand and the results were amazing.

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