Pool Deck Resurfacing: Cost, Options, and Ideas

Home pool owners and commercial property owners love concrete coatings for various reasons: durability, ease of maintenance, customizability with colors, textures, and a variety of patterns of your choice.

But with time, these qualities depreciate ( concrete will crack, color may fade away, and new and better patterns will be developed), and you may want to give your pool a retouch of beauty.

If you consider giving your pool deck a new facelift, search no further. This article will discuss the cost, options, and ideas to consider in your planning. Read on to learn more!

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What does deck resurfacing mean for a pool ?

Pool deck resurfacing entails applying a brand new layer of polymer-modified cement above your existing concrete. This new piece of polymer-modified cement is fully customizable and conceals any previous fractures, stains, or other damage.

It’s slip-resistant, easy to maintain, and quite often periods cooler than concrete (according to the product/finish chosen).

Pool deck resurfacing can spruce up an old pool deck and make it look brand new without the need for new concrete. When resurfacing, you will also be able to introduce color or even create the appearance of natural stone.

Cost Factors to Consider When Resurfacing a Pool Deck

It will be less expensive to resurface your pool deck than replace it. Resurfacing your pool deck can cost $3-$5 per square foot, compared to $6-$10 per sq ft for a new surface with no decorative options.

Naturally, as you add customization options, the price will increase.

But the cost of resurfacing a pool deck varies depending on the design and colors used, the pool deck’s dimension, as well as the contractor’s experience.

Design Options

 The more elaborate a pool deck, the higher the cost. Pool deck surfaces can always be imprinted, soiled, and gained to add decoration to them. The more complicated a design, the more work it is, and thus the higher the costs.

Size of Pool Deck

It is unavoidable that the larger the area, the more expensive it’ll be to resurface it. The cost of pool decking in San Diego is calculated per square foot.

Qualifications of Contractors.

Trained professionals with much more experience charge significantly more than startups. The reason is primarily that the work quality is superior to newcomers to the concrete industry.

Options for Resurfacing a Concrete Pool Deck.

Since the pool decking of your home has seen better days, the value of your home may suffer as a result. Rather than having its concrete taken down and redone, resurfacing is a less expensive option that really can look quite as nice. Here are some options to consider.

 Stamped Concrete Overlays.

A stamped concrete overlay is much thicker than a smooth overlay to provide enough depth to apply the stamp. We have a wide range of stamps to choose from, including brick, stone, tile, and many more.

 We can merge our stamped surfaces with integral color schemes or concrete staining to create a nearly identical look to the real thing.

Concrete Overlay

They have grown in popularity as design ideas are becoming more modern. A significant amount of overlay work is now done on concrete floors within the homes.

The concrete overlay gives current pool decking a different appearance and greatly improves the deck’s overall quality. It also enhances the safety of the pool’s surface.

Epoxy Resin

The most recent concrete overlays allow you to change your concrete decking with two-level epoxy resin. Epoxy overlays can imitate a wide range of natural stone textures, for example, granite or marble, at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Overlays come with a ten-year warranty that guarantees the finish and situation of the surface. Stamping the resin allows it to look like anything from flagstones to paving tiles.

Overlays are a low-cost way of giving your pool decking the look of more expensive components for a fraction of the price.

Spray texture

Amongst the most popular options, this option has a fine-drawn texture that is both comfortable and safe, making it ideal for barefoot use. You might use color schemes, scorelines, aggregate effects, and more to customize the look.

This option is also known as a pool deck or a knockdown finish.

System of rubber coatings

Liquid rubber coatings, commonly seen in playgrounds, could be implemented on the existing pool deck surface. They are soft, secure, and available in a wide variety of colors.

However, they do not provide as many design ideas as the other concrete coating materials listed here.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Ideas

There are numerous inventive ways to redesign your pool decks. Check out the following:

Resources for concrete pool decks should be resurfaced. Refinish the pool deck with eye-catching pool deck coatings.

Pool deck paints could be used to redo the color. Decks can be redesigned and remodeled with decorative concrete decks.

Advantages of Resurfacing Pool Deck


There’s a purpose why concrete pool deck resurfacing became a top priority for many Osprey, FL homeowners and commercial businesses: cost-effectiveness.

Pool resurfacing is a much less expensive option than some other pool renovations. It looks the same, if not better, and can save you money over time.

It Enhances the Look of Your Pool Deck

Suppose you used to have smooth concrete that has now deteriorated into a deck riddled with flaws due to natural components. In that case, you could still salvage the situation with the pool deck resurfacing.

The process is used to create pool decks that look spanking new, with good color and design to improve their appearance.

Disadvantages of Resurfacing Pool deck

Colors could be difficult to coordinate.

If you want colored concrete or a stamped concrete design, you should know that concrete may not always be easy to match. If you’re doing a portion of your pool deck or patio and now intend to expand it later, you’ll need to think about how you’ll conceal the subtle color change.

To address this, consider an alternative stamped concrete trend, color, or even a different patio material entirely in the enlarged section.


Maintaining a pool deck does not have to be difficult when using the right material. If you don’t know how to choose the best one for you, consulting with an expert is essential to avoid potential issues and rising repair costs.

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