Above Ground Pools: Landscaping and Beautification

Possessing a beautiful above-ground pool that is ruined by its surroundings can detract from your investment and lower the aesthetic beauty of your residential pool.

There are no wrong options when it comes to landscaping around your above-ground pool. Notwithstanding, you should remove any grass that has grown around the pool. 

Don’t know what design elements to use around your above-ground pools? Look no further because this article has got your back. In this write-up, we’ll provide you with things you can put around your above-ground pool to improve its appearance. Read on to learn more!

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Above Ground Landscaping To Level Up Your Pool

Some of the materials to consider while landscaping your above-ground pool include the following.

Adding Trees or Plants

Beginning with a layer of mulch around the pool area, you can begin planting your favorite shrubs or bushes. A row of evergreen shrubs is a good choice for hiding the walls of your above-ground pool. They will also look good in all four seasons.

Consider planting some flowering perennials at the front of the evergreens to contribute a little bit of color to the region around the pool. When it comes to landscaping around your above-ground pool and creating your backyard oasis, the sky is the limit!

Adding Rocks and Gravel

It is best to keep grass away from your above-ground pool because you must trim the edges with a weedwhacker. This could cause serious damage to your above-ground pool’s walls. Establish good gravel or rock border area to avoid this headache.

 A gravel or rock ring surround is recommended for most ground-level above-ground pool designs. The type of gravel or rock you choose is irrelevant, allowing you to be creative in finding the product that looks amazing in your backyard.

Adding Planters

A sense of nature among the stonework is one of the most important aspects of any pool area. This can be accomplished by erecting raised garden beds and possibly adding some lovely flowers.

Tropical trees, such as Araceae palm trees, are another option. Creeping Jennys, cardinal flowers, and blue irises are less tropical options.

The idea is to complement the pool with some greenery, which looks better than concrete and nicely complements any stonework.

Adding a Patio With Pavers or Concrete

A concrete patio is simple to maintain and dependable when used around a pool. If your pool is surrounded by concrete, it has an uncluttered and clean appearance that has lasted for a long time.

With that said, a paver potion is also effective and provides an elegant and distinct appearance. These options are available in various styles and designs to suit any backyard.

How can you make your above-ground pools look nice? We’ve discovered some clever ways to freshen up our otherwise aquatic eyesore over the years. Here are a few of our favorite ways to enhance the appearance of an above-ground pool.

Above Ground Beautification

Create a Deck

Above-ground swimming pool decks vary in appearance and size depending on the facility. Some are quite simple and small, with only a simple handrail and steps. Others are enormous. They can be built to enclose around your pool, complete with built-in seating, a fancy rail, and planters.

With some form of landscaping around them, all decks look attractive regardless of style or size. You can place some potted plants on your deck as well as some plants near the corners.

Some homeowners with sloping yards will even design their deck to give the appearance of an in-ground pool. It is simple to begin at the top of a hill or ditch and maintain its height with support beams around the pool’s perimeter.

Of course, this necessitates meticulous planning. You may want to consider the following for your above-the-ground pool beautification.

Add Quality Pool Lighting

It makes no difference whether your pool is above ground, inground, or somewhere in between: if you want your swimming pool to look great, you must consider lighting.

Swimming pool lights can not only end up making your pool safer, but they can also assist you up to your open-air decorative game.

 Many swimming pool lighting kits come in various color options, and some even include pre-programmed “light shows.”

Adding Shaded Areas

Adding a shade above your pool, similar to string lights around the perimeter, not only will it improve its attractive appearance but also permit you to get even more use out of it.

 A simple shade will help sort out the harsh afternoon sun, creating the ideal environment for a swim without worrying about the harmful rays.

Add Steps to Surround an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Instead of a single set of steps leading to your above-ground pool, you can also have steps constructed that surround it. It has a distinct appearance and the additional advantage of permitting swimmers to enter the pool through any path.

Create a Relaxing Lounge Area

Create a deliberate, carefully planned lounge area finished with comfy seats to contribute some “oomph” to the areas bordering your above-ground pool.

This is also an excellent opportunity to personalize your outdoor space with decorative accents such as outdoor pillows and rest padding, indoor/outdoor accent rugs, and accent tables.

Walkways with Stone Slabs

Consider setting up a small stone footpath to your pool since you’re probably fed up with washing your children’s feet after their daily summer swim.

This can be done with simple paving slabs, or you can get creative in making it a display of the landscape by installing gravel first, followed by stone.

In any case, installing a stone passageway can save you time and effort while also giving your pool a unique and antique appearance.

Add Unique and Pretty Brickwork

At first glance, introducing brickwork to the outer walls of your above-ground pool may appear to be a lot of work—but it’s rather quite simple and cost-effective with the proper tools.

Consider making your facade out of mismatched bricks, or use brick additives to make the job even easier.


Although an above-ground pool is popular and cost-effective for most residential homeowners, they are still quite pricey. If you’re spending that much money, you’d want your pool to last as long as possible and to be used as much as possible, so use resources that can assist you to do just that.

If you are not a pool or landscaping expert, it is always best to consult with the experts who will give you the best suggestions on what materials would appear best around your above-ground pool and how to arrange them.

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