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  • Bought House With Pool: Now What Do I Do? – Quick Guide

    A pool may be a very appealing asset for a homeowner, providing hours of entertainment, swimming, and in-water workout opportunities, as well as a fantastic way to calm down and relax during the summer months. For this reason, many different families are looking forward to buying a home with a pool to keep themselves entertained…

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  • Pool Backwashing: What Happens When You Skip a Backwash?

    Pool Backwashing: What Happens When You Skip a Backwash?

    After a long day at school or at work, an in-ground swimming pool in the backyard is a welcome sight. The water in in-ground swimming pools is held in a basin, and many of these basins are made of fiberglass shells. In some cases, owners of in-ground fiberglass pools will consider what it would take…

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  • Pool Backwashing: How Often Is a Backwash Needed?

    Your pool’s bottom will accumulate dirt and debris over time, and you’ll need to vacuum it to clean it. To do this, check the pressure gauge on your pool’s filter whenever you undertake routine pool cleaning and maintenance to see whether it is greater than normal, indicating that debris has accumulated and the filter needs…

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  • Solar Pill: Is It The Best Way to Maintain a Warm a Pool?

    Nothing beats the rush of diving into a warm swimming pool. A warm pool is pleasant and relaxes you to take a dip and do a few flaps before heading to work in the morning. Unfortunately, keeping your pool heated is a daily battle against the elements if you’re like most pool owners. Finding the…

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  • Pool Backwashing: Where Does the Backwash Water Go?

    One concern of pool owners is where to dispose of backwash water. This becomes even more complicated if a disposal system is not previewed during the pool installation. The water pumped from the pool when you backwash a pool filter or vacuum a pool to waste does not return to the pool, so there must…

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  • Pool Pump Basics: How Many Hours Does a Pump Run?

    Pool Pump Basics: How Many Hours Does a Pump Run?

    If you are a pool owner or are considering buying one, one of the first questions you may have is how long to run the pump. Some people believe that pool pumps work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but this is just not entirely true. While it is possible to leave your…

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