Fiberglass Pools: 5 Keys to Allow Installation on a Slope

When developing a plan to design your backyard with a fiberglass pool, a flat surface to accommodate is normally needed. Such surfaces allow installers to simply grade space for your pool and concrete. 

However, because many more houses are constructed in slopy areas, not every homeowner will have a flat space on their property. Some people have their homes situated on hills or have a relatively steep slope on their plot of land. This often leaves people pondering whether a  fiberglass pool can be installed on a slope.  

Well! The quick answer is yes. You may pursue fiberglass pool installation even if you have a slope by working with experienced pool builders and landscapers. However, you will need to be creative in order for the end product to be visually beautiful, functional, and safe.

In this article, we’ll cover the five key factors you should consider to allow installation on a slope. Read on to learn more!

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5 keys to allow installation on a slope. 

 Here are some tips to consider for installing a fiberglass pool on a sloping site.

Make sure to plan it out

The best way to enjoy your property for a properly built fiberglass pool project that you will love to enjoy with your family and friends is to plan it out. 

Planning ahead of time is the greatest approach to ensure that you obtain a perfectly created project that you will enjoy sharing with family and friends.

You’re making an investment in real estate, and there’s a lot to think about. A qualified swimming pool installer will be able to offer you a drawing as well as project prices to review.

For more involved plans, a landscape architect may be required, as may engineers for huge walls higher than 4 feet (1.2m). By having a comprehensive strategy, you can protect both your project and your wallet.

Invest your money wisely

Many projects may necessitate the construction of a retaining wall because the slope is too steep for simple grading. Use elevations that allow for retaining walls ranging from 18″ (450mm) to 24″ (600mm). 

When feasible, maintain walls under 32″ high. Any wall taller than 32″ (800mm) may need the use of a railing for safety. If you’re going to build a retaining wall to protect your pool, why not make it worthwhile? 

The wall’s height ranges from 18″ (450mm) to 24″ (600mm), allowing it to be used as a seat around your pool patio and saving you from carrying out all those extra patio chairs for your visitors. These heights also make the patio area feel more open.

Designing a serene paradise and water feature

By using lower walls, vegetation may be incorporated behind the walls. You may plant your favorite flowers or tiny shrubs behind the wall – don’t forget to provide some color! 

Retaining walls will also provide a lot of depth to the project. With the addition of some water spouts, water features, or sheer descents, your investment may be transformed into the swimming pool you’ve always wanted to “wow” the neighbors with. Plantings like these are often simple to install and do not have a negative impact on the total budget.

Drainage is crucial

Whether a retaining wall or simple grading, drainage around the structure is crucial. The fiberglass pool, terrace, and retaining walls are all part of the structure. 

If grading is the solution, make sure the patio slopes away from the pool and drains swiftly away from the edge. Any portions of the patio that contact the retaining wall will require drainage.

Behind every retaining wall structure, a drainage system must be established. Similar to the drainage around your house’s foundation.

Although we enjoy the water in our pool, it is our adversary outside of it.

 A fiberglass pool should be well concreted

Because it is meant for a lifetime, it’s good it should be well concreted though it’s expensive. Also, try to avoid installing your pool on the steepest side of the slope as it will save money on excavation costs as less land will also need to be moved.

Benefits of Installing your pool on a slope.

Though many people think of slopes as a hindrance to pool design, hills can actually open up a lot of creative possibilities that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Use slopes to your advantage with privacy gates, swim-up bars, and multi-level patios, to name a few.

  • Ledge for Seating: Slopes, both gentle and steep, offer great opportunities for creating seating ledges. Pools on slopes provide areas for seating, whether you construct an infinity pool or a semi-inground pool. A ledge will also provide space for drinks, food, and pool supplies.
  • Water slides: Pools with terracing are frequently capable of supporting a water slide. Pools built at the bottom of a slope, for example, may have waterfalls running along the edge.
  • Swimming Pool Bar: Slopes, speaking of ledges, can be used to create a swim-up bar in your pool. A swim-up bar may appear complicated, but it can be as basic or as imaginative as you like.  If you frequently host parties or family get-togethers at your home, swim-up bars are a great addition.
  • Patio with Multiple Levels: You may use your slope to build a multi-level patio, depending on your budget and the amount of room you have to work with. A multi-level patio is designed to encircle your pool and embrace the slope in your yard to produce a gorgeous image.
  • Privacy: If you want more privacy when swimming, try erecting extra-tall retaining walls. While some retaining walls are only one foot high, the majority are seven feet or greater. As a result, retaining walls can be used as a pool privacy barrier.

Learn How to Manage Your Pool and Hot Tub

Frustrated trying to keep your pool clear? Feeling confused about when to add the right chemicals? Get the perfect easy-to-use, illustrated ebook and video course today!


A sloping backyard will necessitate additional preparation on your part and your pool contractor’s part, but it is not an impediment to your dream backyard. The alternatives for pools on slopes are nearly unlimited, whether you select a simple semi-inground pool or a spectacular infinity pool.

But any project you want to do should always entail proper planning. Start creating your fiberglass pool today using a detailed plan to get the most out of your hard-earned money.

We wish you the best as you enjoy each day with your friends and family.

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