If Adding a Pool Slide Check For Correct Depth to Stay Safe

A pool slide can be a great way to add more excitement to the pool, particularly if you have children.

While you want them to have fun slipping down the ramp and launching into the pool, you also want to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves. So, what’s a safe pool depth for a slide?

In most cases, the manufacturer will state the required depth for the slide. As a general rule, the depth will depend on the length of the slide. If the slide is less than 48 inches, it will often require a depth of at least 2 feet. For longer slides, you might need 3 to 5 feet of water.

As you can imagine, trying to get the right depth for your slide can often be difficult, mainly if the manufacturer doesn’t give you clear advice.

Let’s take a closer look at this area to find out how you can install a slide safely.

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What’s The Right Depth For Your Pool Slide?

So, the safe depth will tend to range between 2 to 5 feet. But how can you make sure that you are getting the right level? What’s the right depth for your pool slide?

This can often depend on the type of slide that you want to install.

More specifically, it will depend on the drop. This is the distance between the end of the slide and the water. The higher the drop, the deeper the pool will need to be.

In some cases, the drop will be less than three inches. As a result, you will be able to put it into a shallower area.

Because of the lower drop, you’ll often only need two feet (0.6 meters) of water.

For larger drops, sliders will be hitting the water with more force. As a result, they will require more water to slow them down, this means a deeper pool, often around 5 feet (1.5 meters).

You might also want to consider the type of slide that you are installing. In some cases, the slide will be lubricated with a water fountain or have a steep decline.

As a result, sliders will be able to achieve a higher speed. However, this means that they will need a deeper pool to be able to slow them down.

So, the bigger the drop and the faster you hit the water, the deeper the pool will need to be.

In most cases, a depth of five feet (1.5 meters) will be enough to ensure that everyone is kept safe.

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Are Pool Slides Dangerous?

Now that we have a better idea of the right depth to install your slide, we can turn to a much bigger question. Are pool slides dangerous?

A pool slide poses minimal risk. The best way to make sure that no-one gets injured on the slide is by setting up some clear safety rules and supervising children when they are using the slide.

In most cases, the only injuries that result from pool slides occur because people are misusing them.

As a result, you should focus on creating strong pool slide safety rules.

Best Pool Slide Safety Rules

There are several ways that you can use rules to prevent accidents on the slide.

First, you should make sure that the base of the slide is kept dry, especially if there is a ladder than needs to be climbed to reach the top of the slide.

In this case, you might want to place a rug along the base of the slide this will absorb any excess water. You might also want a tread on the stairs so that you don’t accidentally slip off.

You should also ensure that no one is swinging on the slide or ladder. This might risk pulling the slide from the floor, causing it to topple onto the person.

Finally, you should check that everyone is going down the slide properly. You should always be sitting down, facing forward. This will give you the safest entry into the pool.

If people are running down the slide or going down in unconventional positions, they have a great risk of hurting themselves when they hit the water.

swimming pool and slide enclosed in a fenced-in area - Whats a Safe Pool Depth for a Slide

What Are Pool Slides Made Of?

The materials might also affect how dangerous the slide will be. But what are pool slides made of?

In most cases, the slide will either be made from polyethylene or fiberglass. Both of these plastics produce a very tough exterior.

They are both highly durable and will be able to hold their shape and color for a long time.

In rare cases, you might find that older slides have been made from metal. These should be avoided due to safety concerns.

They will tend to rust, especially if left around a pool. Also, the metal will get very hot in the sun, which can produce burns when you touch it.

How To Maintain A Pool Slide

Another way to make sure that the slide is kept safe is by making sure that you maintain it correctly.

Doing this regularly, it will give you a chance to spot any issues and sort them out quickly. But how to maintain a pool slide?

There are a few key parts of looking after your slide. First, you need to inspect it for loose nuts or bolts. Then, it would be best to ensure that it’s kept clean and free from rust.

Let’s take a closer look at each part of the cleaning routine, so you can keep your slide in excellent condition.

Keeping Your Slide Clean

The first part of maintaining a slide is making sure that you keep it clean.

No one wants the slide filled with debris, like sticks and leaves. This can tear the plastic and injure the sliders.

Thankfully, it’s very easy to keep your slide clean. In most cases, you’ll need to hose off the slide before you use it. This should clear out any debris.

At the start of each summer, you should do a deeper cleaning. Often, this means wiping the slide down with a damp cloth.

If you spot any scratches in the plastic, you can remove it using car polish and a soft cloth.

Spotting Loose Fittings

The first thing that you need to do is look for any loose fittings or connections on the slide. Sometimes the vibrations caused as people slide down can shake fittings loose.

Because of this, you should thoroughly inspect the slide every few weeks. Make sure to check the fittings, to make sure that none have slipped loose.

If you find one that has come out, you should be able to tighten it up again. In most cases, you’ll need to use basic equipment, like a wrench.

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Final Thoughts on Whats a Safe Pool Depth for a Slide

A pool slide can provide hours of joy, especially for children. To make sure that they are safe, you should install it in an area of the pool that’s three to five feet deep.

You should also make sure that you enforce pool safety rules, like not swinging or running down the slide. Finally, try to maintain your slide regularly, so it lasts for a long time.

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