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  • Pool Heater Pump Setup [ GFCI, Disconnect & More ]

    If you live in a cold climate then installing a pool heat pump is a must for you to enjoy your pool. Now, considering that you’re reading this article, I’m sure you want to install a pool heat pump and wondering how the setup process works?   The placement of the pump is important. Place […]

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  • Install a Pool Heat Pump [ Why Inside Isn’t Always Best ]

    Pool heat pumps give you the wonderful opportunity to enjoy swimming throughout the year. If you are planning to install a pool heat pump, the first thing you have to consider is where you should place it. So, you might wonder, can you install a pool heat pump inside? Generally, it is not the best […]

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  • Running a Pool Heater Pump [ How to Choose Optimal Time ]

    Pools can be fun, but maintaining them may not be. Managing the heat of your pool, however, falls into the maintenance part. Heating your pool is an important chore that needs to be done to add some warmth to the water in your pool. But you might be confused about when is the best time […]

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