11 Smart Reasons To Pay a Pool Guy to Manage Your Pool

We all love to take a dip in the pool, especially on those hot days of summer. For others, it’s not just leisure but a talent or even a career. The bottom line is pools are nothing less than awesome, so do you really need a pool guy to manage your pool correctly?

A pool needs a keen eye and continued attendance to maintenance tasks for you to be able to satisfy your leisure needs. They manage a great many tasks most pool owners don’t want to pay attention to. So, do you really need a pool guy? YES!

What does the pool guy actually do? A pool guy or technician is far more than a shirtless guy with a net, and nice abs as television have most of us imagine.

The job of the pool guy is not one to hand over to anyone looking for a summer job since it gets rather technical.

After paying thousands for an in-ground pool, you need someone with the right certification and experience to help you manage it.

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Wondering What Your Pool Guy Should Do While at Your Home?

Did you know that if you do not maintain your pool properly, you could cut the lifespan by half or more? Are you prepared to cough up the same amount to get a new one or for repairs?

A pool technician diagnoses, repairs, and maintains your pool. The pool guy is responsible for checking on the filter systems, the water system, and all pumps to ensure they are working correctly.

Cleaning the Pool

If your pool is not cleaned for two weeks, it will turn green. If you have seen such a pool, you know that you wouldn’t take a dip even if the sun was scorching at whatever degrees.

A green pool is more than just algae. It can contain bacteria of all sorts. Whether it is summer or winter, your pool guy should clean your pool often.

Maintain Proper Chemical Balance

Pool guys are technicians trained in the way of chemicals. You may not know the right amount of chlorine that should go into your pool, but they do.

A pool guy determines how much chlorine will be healthy to avoid hurting your eyes and skin. He also maintains a proper pH of the pool water to ensure it is of the best quality possible.

Fixing Lighting

Whether you need lighting fixed around the swimming pool or inside the water, a pool guy is trained to do all that. A pool guy is responsible for fixing all lighting required correctly.


A pool guy takes care of all the servicing required in your swimming pool. Whether you need your fountain serviced or the heating system. A pool guy also takes care of the dehumidifying system to keep the pool in the best condition.

A pool guy should also be able to detect and repair any holes and cracks in the swimming pool floors and walls to prevent people from getting hurt.

Pool Repairs

Your pool guy should be able to conduct any pool repairs necessary. Minor repairs include any damage to the pool, water pH imbalance, repairs for the tools, and such.

A pool guy also does mechanical and electrical repairs. In case your fountain has issues, your pool guy should be able to take care of it without needing any external expertise unless it is very technical.

Electrical repairs include equipment such as the generator and water pump.

Store Hazardous Chemicals

A pool guy knows all the chemicals and any damage they may have on skin contact. He is, therefore, responsible for labeling and storing the chemicals safely from the reach of children.

Pool chemicals should only be handled by a pool servicer for safety.

Clean Swimming Pool Area

There should never be any garbage around your pool. It could easily get into the water and contaminate that.

Your pool guy is responsible for cleaning up the pool area by collecting garbage and mopping floors using a vacuum cleaner and any other necessary tools.

There should also be no dirt lying in the water when you have a pool guy.

Maintain Manual Records

A pool guy is responsible for maintaining all pool records. It could be the number of chemicals used, the water gallons pumped in a day, or the fuel used by the generator.

A pool guy should maintain proper records of all activities swimming pool.

Test Chemical Levels in the Pool

A pool guy should constantly be checking on the chemicals such as chlorine to ensure they are maintained in a standard that is suitable for the human body.

They also test the water in the pool to ensure the right pH level using special equipment and training.

Maintains All Pool Equipment

You do not need to call another technician in any matters concerning your pool equipment when you have a pool guy!

A qualified pool guy should be able to maintain all pool pumps, filters, and fountains if any.

A pool guy is also responsible for cleaning all this equipment using the right chemicals and procedures.

Save Lives

Your pool guy is pretty much superman! You may never know when tragedy decides to strike. A pool guy is trained to be a swimmer and a good one at that.

Drowning can be caused by a number of factors, from inexperience to illness to accidents.

Whatever the case, in case one is drowning, a pool guy is obliged to save a life. Apart from swimming, a pool guy should also perform basic first aid practices after saving one from drowning.

How much does it cost to have a pool boy?

There are many factors that determine how much your pool boy might demand for a salary. However, there are some who get paid $20/hour others’ a little lower.

The service company you hire from and the experience level of the pool tech will determine the salary amidst other factors. The bottom line is the amount it will cost to repair your pool is much higher than how much it will cost to have a pool guy!

Learn How to Manage Your Pool and Hot Tub

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Final Thoughts: Do You Really Need a Pool Guy?

Do you now understand why you need a pool guy? Unless you have the right training and skills to maintain a pool throughout the seasons, a pool guy is a must-have!

I thought that when we bought a home with a pool I would be able to manage the pool care myself. What I came to find out is that I don’t like the management of the pool and what took me hours to do weekly could be done by a maintenance company in less than an hour a week.

So I will say for myself, this was a yes and I love having my pool perfect and available year-round and it is just a leisure activity, I would highly suggest you find someone also!

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