Pool Floats: How Leaving in Pools Causes Vinyl Breakdown

It is not a debate if pool floats provide a lot of fun on a hot summer day. Though somehow expensive, these pieces of equipment are very durable and can last for a long period if properly taken care of.

Nevertheless, it would take little or no time to be rendered useless if they are not properly taken care of. You might have found out that this piece of equipment is not very cheap, and it is not also easy to find one that is durable and buoyant.

But if you have the habit of leaving your pool float in the pool while not in use, this will only help make your pool float useless and send you back to the market for a new one the next summer.

Do you want to find out if it is ok to leave your pool floats in the pool? In this article, you will find your answer. Read on to know more.

Leaving your pool float in the pool for long periods, especially on sunny days, will cause the plastic and vinyl to break down in less than no time than you can imagine. This is because of the exposure to sunshine, the chemicals present in the pool, and heat.

Therefore, it is not a good practice to leave your pool float in the pool in simple terms.

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Is it ok to leave your pool float in the pool?

Leaving your pool float in the pool has a three-fold effect; on the pool float, the pool itself, and the pool water.

What will happen to your pool float?

Effect of sun

If you remember your elementary physics very well, it told you that it expands when air is heated. With this fact in mind, if you leave your pool float in the pool during long sunny days, the air in the pool float will heat up, which might eventually lead to the pool exploding.

This effect is even facilitated when the exposure happens over a long period. The float loses its strength with repeated expansions and eventually will surprise you one summer afternoon.

Effects of temperature change

Leaving your pool float in the pool implies improper storage. Your float will be exposed to fluctuations in temperature, some of which are favorable for the growth of molds, mildews, and bacteria.

The moisture trapped on the float walls of the pool float favors the effects of the molds, bacteria, and mildews. Bacteria can promote the breakdown of the float within a very short time. Pests and bacteria can also feed the pool float material aiding in its breakdown.

Effect of pool water

The effect of the pool water on your pool float can be very unwelcoming. The pool water has got a lot of chemicals present in it.

When you leave the float in the pool for long periods, the pool water chemicals such as chlorine will act on the walls of the float, causing a breakdown of the material it is made of.

Effect of other pool toys

Some other pool toys like plastic sticks, balloons, and guns can cause unforeseen damage to your pool floats. For example, a balloon that explodes near a pool inflatable can cause damage to it.

Furthermore, these toys can also blow into your pool and puncture its walls.

Effect of chlorine

 leaving your pool float in your pool implies you have neglected cleaning it.

Therefore, the chlorine from your pool will continually break down the plastic or vinyl material the pool float is made of as it stays longer and longer in the pool; always endeavor to rinse your pool float after usage with a garden hose before deflating for storage. 

6. Debris from pool float breakdown can block the pool’s filtration system, thereby shutting down the pool until it has been drained and the problem fixed.

What will happen to the pool water?

The particles resulting from the breakdown of the pool float can become too visible, making your pool no longer fit and safe (dirty) for use.

Secondly, you will have to constantly clean the pool, drain and replace the pool water chemicals, which will add up to the total cost of your pool maintenance.

Furthermore, the particles that result from the breakdown of the pool float can cause a lot of damage to your pool that can be difficult and expensive to fix. These particles can block the pool’s valves and other openings, requiring a pool expert’s services to fix the problem.

Also, if these particles are left to accumulate at the bottom of the pool, they can make it become nasty and slippery and can cause damaging accidents to its users.

Another pertinent reason your pool float should not be left in the pool is convenience. Since the float remains inflated while in the pool, it takes up a lot of space depending on its size.

Hence, other users will not be able to use the pool conveniently. Also, other pool users might damage your float since it is not looked after, and this will only add up to your cost since you will have to replace it with a new one.


Generally speaking, pool floats can be an affordable product . But as a pool owner, you will have to pay attention to your pool floats to be able to use them for an extended time.

In this regard, before you buy a pool float, you have to pay attention to the type of material the float is made of, so you and pay proper attention to its maintenance. 

Moreover, if you notice your pool float has started having breaks in its wall, it will be better to replace it after many repairs have been carried out. This is to avoid adhesives becoming a major problem to your pool.

Though pool floats are affordable, even the world’s richest man will be bored at some time with the regular purchase of new pool floats.

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