Discover How Much a Travertine Pool Deck Costs | Starter Guide

Travertine pavers are natural, durable, and attractive. This is why they are always in demand for outdoor and indoor installations. For pool decks, these are the ideal choice because of their heat and slip-resistant nature.

If you want to convert your old pool area with travertine tiles and want to know how much does a travertine pool deck costs in total, then you are in the right place!

The amount of a full deck cost will depend on several factors. For example- your pool area specification, the climate of where you live, and the stone’s availability. However, on average, travertine pavers can cost $3-$7 per square ft without the installation processes. Additional materials and labor costs will be added upon installation later. 

Keeping ‘Grade’ in mind is also very important. There are travertine tiles that will last you a lifetime with minimum effort, and there are others that will need more effort than usual.

So choosing between these two can be a hassle. Read the rest of the article to understand how you can convert your old deck to travertine, with an easy installation process and their costs.

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A salt water pebble tech pool and spa with a travertine tile deck.

Considerations Before Converting to A Travertine Pool Deck

You might think travertine tiles are costing you more than any other pavers, but in reality, these pavers will also serve you a lot more than the cheap ceramic ones.

Travertine pool tiles are elegant and versatile so you can choose any design and color you want for your pool deck. 

The most popular travertine colors are coral, gray, and beige. These are chosen because they give the pool area a nice cooling sensation.

There are different beautiful cuts available as well that you can choose from. No matter your choices, these natural stones would fit into every category required for beautiful pool decks.

Before you decide to jump into calculating your budget, there are some elements you should keep in mind, for understanding what you have to do before installation and making a budget for your pavers. 

Geographical Location

Depending on the area you live in, the prices for travertine will greatly vary depending on availability. These natural stones mostly come from Italy, Peru, Turkey, and Mexico.

So, if you live around those areas, you might get the stones at cheaper rates than the ones living far from these places. If you want to import your pavers exclusively, you will have to pay more than usual with taxes and additional charges. 

Climate of Your Area

If you live in a cold place where it snows, then there are some specific varieties of travertine that you should choose. Avoid buying cheap ones that come from China, because those are mostly fake, and not up to the mark.

Buy the ones that are dense, have fewer pores, and are flexible with expanding or shrinking with sudden weather changes. These are known as best-grade travertine.

Pool Specifications

Make a map of your pool deck and figure out the square feet measurements. Then calculate how much product you would need for that area.

Additionally, you can compare the initial budget you had in mind for your pool deck , with the new one, to check if you are on the right track.

Talk to your local contractors to know how much they would charge you, and make a final budget. 

Travertine Installation Process 

After you have done all your budgeting , prepare your pool area. If you have other pavers installed already, remove them with professional help.

Now, if you are wondering, how much it costs to install travertine, then you have to add some other items to your list.

As mentioned, labor and materials such as sealers, grouts, and others would cost you more than the pavers themselves. 

Although, to be entirely honest, your cost for installation would heavily depend on your local stores. So go to different stores and look at the products before purchasing them.

I’ve mentioned inspecting your deck area before buying to understand how much product you’d need. Do not buy more than that so that you can eliminate unnecessary waste. 

Leveling and Compacting Soil

Level your soil smoothly by using compacting products. These are easily found in hardware stores. Next, a separation fabric is used to put on the upper surface of the soil, to create a base for the next step.

It will also help to align them perfectly with no bumps. However, it is advised to work on your pool first if it needs fixing; so the water won’t affect the area you prepared for the pavers.

Preparing the Base 

Usually, the base is made with cement, stones, or sands. Although, it mostly depends on what kind of travertine is being used in the first place.

Crushed limestone is commonly used for the porous pool deck travertine because it creates a solid base and helps the pavers not to shift when water splatters on them from the pool. 1”-2” of concrete sand on top of limestone can be your ideal choice. 

Cutting and Joining the Pavers 

After you have done all your preparations, now is the time to cut your pavers into shapes that you desire and join them on top of the base. It is advised to layer the pavers from left to right, or vice versa.

Do not start from the middle; it might not give you a fine finish. If you are worried about the pavers not being in parallel lines, you can tie a string somewhere, create a line, and follow it. 

Filling the Grouts 

The gaps or ‘grouts’, should be sealed tightly, so the pavers are all joined perfectly. This is one of the crucial steps. If you are doing the work alone, it’s recommended to watch some videos online before doing it.

Sand is the best choice for filling these gaps. You can repeatedly sweep the sand over your deck to ensure it’s all in place and has locked the pavers.

The Costs Associated with Travertine Pool Decks

How much does a travertine pool deck cost me then in the current year you may wonder. The latest prices for travertine tiles are as mentioned $3-7 per square ft and installing the pavers would cost $6-10 per square ft.

However, add at least 10% extra in your budget for additional things and variations of travertine tiles prices in different areas. The labor cost can vary from $50-70 per hour, and materials can cost from $12-18 per cubic ft. 

You can still save up to 10-15% more money than the amount given here. Only if you look around at different stores and get the best deals.

There are usually sales around Fall and Winter seasons; if you get a hold of that, then you’d need a lot less than usual rates.

If you go for contractors to do your job, then you can expect lesser prices too, as they can manage the best deals for you. 

Final Thoughts on How Much Does a Travertine Pool Deck Cost

Converting your old pool deck with travertine pavers is money worth spending. You will not regret your decision as these will be counted as investments.

You will see how less management it needs and how long it lasts. I hope this article has answered your queries related to how you can convert your old deck to travertine and how much does a travertine pool deck cost. 

Remember, maintenance is the key to keeping your travertine tiles brand new and stain-free. Your weather will also be a major factor in preserving their natural beauty for a lifetime. Hence, choose wisely, and all the best! 

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