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Are Sunrise Hot Tubs Good? Complete Sunrise Hot Tub Guide

Author: Josh Koop
Posted: January 24, 2021
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With a google rating of 4.5 and an A+ evaluation in the Better Business Bureau, Sunrise Spa is doubtlessly one of the most popular brands in the market! They offer a wide assortment of products. However, the most frequently asked question is, are sunrise hot tubs good?

Hot tubs have started gaining popularity due to their exceptional features. With extraordinary characteristics like hydrotherapy, temperature relaxation, and pressure repose, hot tubs have been storming the market.

Sunrise Spas have always promised and delivered quality through their appliances. However, their hot tubs are almost recent and demand a useful review on them.

Since hot tubs can be initially expensive, it is only valid to be cautious. Knowing the complete knowledge of brands and their products can help you choose the best.

So here an analysis of sunrise hot tubs and everything you need to know! By the end, you will have a crystal clear answer to your question, “Are sunrise hot tubs good?”

What Are Hot Tubs?

Hot Tubs are the tubs that are having water used for comfort, hydrotherapy, and joy. Some are used for the massive effect also. They are known as Spas or by trademark Jacuzzi.

It provides a good service in contrast with other bathrooms because it can be used by more than one person at a time and can accommodate more people.

They are used outdoors but can be installed indoors also. The good thing is that the hot tub’s water can be used just like a standard pool. It should be sanitized like a regular pool.

Another difference between baths and hot tubs is that soaps and shampoos are not used in hot tubs, while it can be used in air-jetted hot tubs.

What To Look For In Your Perfect Hot Tub!

When purchasing a hot tub, there are some things you should be sure of because if you don't know these things, it may be troubling. Such tips are focused on private interactions.

Until you are aware of these tips, you should not buy bathtubs. So here are a few essential things you have to consider:

  • How do you get a hot tub for the lowest price?
  • Where is your house situated?
  • How is the hot tub charged?
  • These days, what is the cost?
  • How can the hot tub be preserved?
  • Inflatable Hot Tubs, Permanent In-ground Hot Tubs, or Removable Hot Tubs?

Benefits of Sunrise Spa Hot Tubs

The reason behind the growing fame of sunrise hot tubs is the surprising range of fantastic benefits they offer!

1.Tension Release

It aids in relieving daily stress. The palliative effect of the hot water may help reduce the daily stresses. It can be boosted with low lighting.

2.Soothing effect on muscles

The warm water effect can aid in giving relief to the cramped, stressed muscles. It aids in calming the daily tiredness. Using a hot tub before doing workouts can reduce the risk of abrasions.

3.Providing you good sleep

The studies show that after taking a bath in a hot tub, The person can dive into a more profound sleep scientifically good for health and growth. Evidence from NIH studies show how hydrotherapy helps significantly in enhancing motor functions.

4.Eases pain

The controllable temperature of sunrise spa hot tubs can provide pain relief. This is helpful for people with illnesses related to swelling and physical hindrance. You will feel a positive effect on your joints and muscles.

5.Enhanced heart performance

Most people in this era deal with cardiovascular problems. Fortunately, studies show how hot water treatment can improve physical abilities and cardiovascular health, as in sunrise hot tubs. It can help in lowering blood pressure too.

6.Beneficial for diabetics

Regular use of hot tubs like the sunrise hot tubs can help people with diabetes, too, to enhance weakened insulin sensitivity.

7.Calorie consumption

Yup, that’s right. Sunrise hot tubs can aid in metabolism and help you burn a few calories too.

Cons of Sunrise Spa Hot Tubs

  • An uncontrolled, excessive amount of high temperature can be harmful.
  • Possible contaminations if the tub isn’t drained or maintained
  • It can be a risk for people with severe circulatory system issues.

Draining Your Sunrise Spa Hot Tub

Any Sunrise hot tub arrives with a nozzle that enables a garden hose to be attached to the tub. Cut the electricity to your hot tub and tie a water hose to the tub’s drainage link and guide the other end to the drainage place of your choosing.

Any of the water will already be in the seats' curves as the hot tub sinks, but you'll need to move it to the bottom of the tub. To do this, you should use a quart container and then a sponge.

Before you reload, you may want to scrub and sterilize the inside of your hot tub. Only cut the connected hose until this is finished, and close the pipe. 

Submersible pumps have proved to be significantly nifty for draining your sunrise hot tub.

Sunrise Spa Ratings

On Google, Sunrise Spas have a 4.5 ranking, 4.9 on Basements and Backyards, and 59 percent on Home Stars. With just 1 issue in the last three years, they have an A+ record with the Better Business Bureau.

Criticisms about production flaws in the shower, such as leakage upon shipment, were a couple of the hostile reception.

Many of the reviewers claimed that the workers were lovely, and one also had no trouble with their hot tub for more than 25 years. There was an overall ranking of 6.2/10. However, reviews are ultimately just part of the picture.

You have to weigh ventilation, insurance, and price to truly gauge how nice a hot tub is. An average hot tub could, then again, be about $4,000, but not $12,000.

Sunrise Spa Collections

Fortunately, sunrise spas offer a comprehensive collection of hot tubs so that you can choose one according to your needs and budget!

  • Classic Collection - An affordable assortment of reliable tubs that provide calming hydrotherapy.
  • Ultimate Collection - A variety of sunrise spas tubs that offer premium characteristics and enhanced experience.
  • Paragon Collection - This Collection is delivered in Europe solely. These tubs offer the most paragon features that can be enjoyed for several years.

Features of Sunrise Hot Tubs

They offer both low-priced plug-and-play models and high-end luxury hot tubs with outstanding features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and illuminating glow-jets.

Their wide range of hot tubs They sell both cheap connector versions and high-end premium hot tubs with excellent properties, including the internet, Bluetooth, and sparkle lighting.

It helps people choose the one that suits their needs.

Sunrise Spa Hot Tubs Origins

After buying its parental firm, Leisure Manufacturing Inc, in January 2020, Jacuzzi Brands purchased Sunrise Spas. Leisure Manufacturing Inc. was also Dream Maker's largest shareholder and now holds Jacuzzi Products too.

In Canada, all Sunrise Spas hot tubs are manufactured in Grimsby, Ontario.

Sunrise hot tubs can absorb the roughest winters and most challenging summers. What saves them from the weather is their poly-steel wall paneling and sealed base layer.

Sunrise Spa Cost And Models

Around $7,000 is the typical value charged for a hot tub that can hold 4-8 guests. Although it is just below $3,000 on amazon, it can be connected to a wall socket.

Sunrise Spas have 20 various types of hot tubs. Their Ultimate Collection has one design with several versions, and only in Europe is their Paragon Collection accessible.

For their 2-seaters, the minimum cost is $4000 and gets higher, depending on the brand and specifications. The cost would often focus on a dealer or seller that is autonomous.

Based on their operating prices and environmental profits, each dealer will value the versions.

But throughout the versions in their Iconic Series, plan to pay between $7,000-$10,000, 

Classic CollectionSizeNumber of jetsHeater PowerPump(s)Seats
670 S-Series (plug and play)60” x 80” x 29.”61 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets1 kW HeaterOne 1.5HPR Dual Speed Jet PumpTwo people
770 S-Series (plug and play)78” x 78” x 36.”61 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets1 kW HeaterOne 1.5HPR Dual Speed Jet PumpFive people
780 S-Series (plug and play)78” x 78” x 36.”61 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets1 kW HeaterOne 1.5HPR Dual Speed Jet PumpSix people
670 S-Series60” x 80” x 29.”18 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets4 kW Heating SystemOne 4.5 HPR Dual SpeedTwo people
770 S-Series78” x 78” x 36.”26 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets4 kW Heating SystemOne 4.5 HPR Dual SpeedFive people
780 S-Series78” x 78” x 36.”26 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets4 kW Heating SystemOne 4.5 HPR Dual SpeedSix people
870 S-Series84” x 84” x 36.”50 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets4 kW Heating SystemTwo 5.0SPL Dual SpeedSix people
970 S-Series90” x 94” x 36.”52 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets4 kW Heating SystemTwo 5.0SPL Dual SpeedSix people
980 S-Series90” x 94” x 36.”61 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets4 kW Heating SystemTwo 5.0SPL Dual SpeedSix people
870 SX Series 84” x 84” x 36.”50 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets4 kW Heating SystemTwo 5.0SPL Dual Speed Jet PumpsSix people
880 SX Series 84” x 84” x 36.”50 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets4 kW Heating SystemTwo 5.0SPL Dual Speed Jet PumpsSix people
970 SX Series 84” x 84” x 36.”52 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets4 kW Heating SystemTwo 5.0SPL Dual Speed Jet PumpsSix people
980 SX Series 90” x 94” x 36.”61 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets4 kW Heating SystemTwo 5.0SPL Dual Speed Jet PumpsSix people
Ultimate Collection92″ x 92″ x 39″72 Two-tone stainless steel jets4 kW Heating SystemTwo 5.0SPL Dual Speed Jet Pumps5 People

There is also a range of customization variations in the Ultimate Set, which is why only one variant practically exists. What differentiates them from their other versions is this:

  • Illuminated stillness pool with a rippling waterfall influenced by Zen
  • Driven deck illumination regulation with orchestrated outside edge lights for defense and ambiance.
  • 23 Glo-Jets LEDs for submerged lighting
  • 8 Aqua-Coustic Audio Machine Speaker
  • Regulation of My Wi-Fi Spa
  • Automatic freshwater treatment system via Quad filter
  • AquaNova Device of Ozone/UV Treatment
  • Soundproofing insulation molded

Customizable options include:

  • Surface color customization, acrylic
  • Customizable siding color

Sunrise Spa Filters

Resection (enabling debris to transfer) or early blindness or cluttering are the two leading causes impacting spa filters. In this situation, the pump sucks faster to get moisture by dry riding, possibly causing excessive heat.

Sunrise spa filters use specialized grid structures (non-drilled PVC pipes) to help optimize water drain thru the cartridges. This provides the least necessary external resistance to that offered by the sunrise spa filters.

It also allows maximum potential water flow through the cartridge's surface area. To extract unwanted debris, filters must be washed regularly, ideally with a soft brush and an authorized filters cleansing tool.

Sunrise Spa Insulation

Each Sunrise Spa uses its patented Rockwool Insulation GreenGuard, which captures and flows back the heat produced underneath the hot tub’s shield. This in itself decreases heater usage but also lessens energy consumption.

Sunrise Spas also have an enclosed lower sheet that further protects the hot tub in combination with the Rockwool isolation. Your hot tub relies on warmth, and generating temperature costs energy.

Fortunately, sunrise spa insulation is exceptionally high-end and makes sure to provide you with the optimum experience.

Final Thoughts on Sunrise Hot Tubs

Now, you probably have the answer to your question, are sunrise hot tubs good? In truth, sunrise hot tubs have proved to be exceptionally economical, high quality, along with long lasting.

The initial prices may seem high, but they are worth it. Not only will they help you have a luxurious experience, but they will help enhance your physical capabilities too!

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